HELP… Where do you start building an internet business?

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Late last night I got a WhatsApp message from my Holly’s cousin.

She’s re-training and becoming a bridal make-up artist.

Sounds great.

But it means she’s got to find her own work.

Gone are the days when you used to pop into shops with a card, although that probably would still be a very good idea in this business, but now the first thing anybody thinks about is what they can do online.

And that makes me smile. I remember not that long ago, when my friends thought I was insane to want to do my own thing online.

When you think of bridal make-up you don’t think of an online business. However, the majority of the business is online, it’s the very end part, the make-up, which is likely to be the only part not done online.

Kinda what I was talking about yesterday 😉 which you can read here if you missed it.


(yes I put another anyhoo in, but I’ve not done it for a while so I don’t feel bad!)

Her message went along the lines of.. “I’m starting my own business. I need to setup online. I need Instagram, Facebook Page, a website, domain (apparently?), found a website called Wix which will host my website for free.

Should I get gmail first? I guess I need a business email?

Is it better to setup socials first or website, guess I should do both at same time?

Not sure about domain name, do I need to choose that before doing anything else?

Branding is going to be important too. Maybe that should come first?

I don’t really have a clue about this stuff but was planning on getting everything up and running next week!


First of all, we’re going to need to some back tracking. But she’s done the best thing she could have done.

She’s realised she doesn’t know what she’s doing online. She’s realised she’s got to learn, and she’s come and asked someone who can help.

That’s the best way to do things. You should use the people with experience to speed up the learning curve.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I’ve made a LOT of cock ups. And some of them have been very costly.

Why the hell would you want to make the same mistakes as me when I can just tell you how to avoid them!

For me this was a fascinating message, because it gave me an insight into what goes on in your mind when you don’t know where to begin.

And what goes on is… absolute chaos, mingled with excitement.

Maybe this is something you can relate too?

I’m going to tackle how the hell you get started online in this week’s newsletters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a completely online business, or like Holly’s cousin, you just need the online element to get leads for your business.

Either way, the process at the beginning is pretty much the same!

First of all, don’t just jump in.

Yes, I know I’m a big advocate of not procrastinating. Which you shouldn’t do either, but you’ve got to have some kind of plan in place before you start.

Here’s the way you should do it…

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