Self-liquidating funnels.

These are the key to making serious money online. But what the heck are they?

A funnel is a way of describing the process of taking a visitor and converting them into a customer.

For example you get…

10000     Visitors

 3500      Registrations

   35        Sales

    4         Upsells

As you can see above this creates a funnel shape. We get a large amount of visitors and convert 3500 to registrations on your opt-in page. We then convert a smaller number of these to sales and a smaller number again to upsells.

The purpose of a funnel is to convert as many as possible at each stage.

When you buy traffic then you’re paying for the 10,000 visitors. If you buy a solo ad then you may be paying $0.65 per click. For 10,000 visitors it would then cost you $6500 (you can of course do smaller amounts).

Usually you’d expect it take you six months to recover the cost of marketing to those 3500 leads that register on your website. But…

…a self-liquidating funnel is where you make this money back immediately.

And when you do this you cannot lose because people are joining your mailing list for free!

The best return you’ll ever make is from your mailing list, if you can build that mailing list for free there’s only one thing you can do… make money.

How do you make a self-liquidating funnel?

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