How To Create a Non-Spammy Super-Hot Converting Product Name

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re giving away a product to get people onto your mailing list, or selling something for five figures. You’ve got to come up with a name for it.

Coming up with a name shouldn’t be long or difficult, yet it’s something that people agonise over for weeks, if not months.

A good friend of mine was releasing a new product to his offline business and it took him six months to name it.

Six months!

The product was literally ready to go except the packaging while they debated on the name.

I was like… get the hell on with it and sell the damn thing. God knows how much that cost him in sales.

Anyhoo I digress.

We get stuck naming products because we try to think of something that’s going to still sound good two years, five years and even ten years from now.

The one simple truth is… digital products can change their name easily. If you decide you don’t like the name of your product in a year then just change it. If you tie that in with an update then you’ve got a valid reason to make the change.

Here are the things I recommend you do when naming a digital product:

1) Keep the name of your product as short as possible.

You’ve got to write about your product and there are more and more limitations on the amount of characters you can use in social media, you don’t want to run out of space because your product name is so damn long.

2) What’s the language of the people who’ll buy your product.

I don’t mean English, I mean how do they speak and what slang do they use. Check out the products they’re already buying and love and consider how they talk about them in forums. Use their language in your product name.

3) Avoid spammy sounding names that the ‘gooroos’ all use.

If you want to get people buying your product who are actually going to be successful, then don’t call it something like “Super-Fast Money Machine”. A product name like that will only attract people hoping to get rich by doing nothin. And we all know that you can’t get rich by doing nothin 😉

4) Don’t copy another products name.

Copying another products name does one thing… makes you look like an uncreative cheap replica. If two handbags were the same price and one was by Prida and the other Prada which would you buy? Yup the original. So keep your name original too.

5) If in doubt make up a word.

If you’re struggling to come up with a name then simply make up a word. Lots of the biggest brands in the world have simply invented names for their products. The words didn’t exist before they created with them, so don’t be shy about doing the same.

Whatever you do don’t agonise over the name of your product. It’s commonly used as a way to stall actually doing anything. If the product is good then it will sell whatever the name is. Just name it and release it, you can always change the name later.

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