How To Get Paid To Build A Mailing List

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List building is one of the top priorities for anybody who does internet marketing. In fact it’s a top priority for anybody involved in any form of direct marketing.

In the internet marketing space in recent years, there’s been a massive growth of providers of solo ads.

There are now so many providers that it’s difficult to find decent traffic.


Because of the business model that solo ad sellers follow.

There are courses out there charging you a lot of money to learn how to make your living as a solo ad seller.

But I’m going to tell you how to do it, for not a single penny, in the next 500 words.

The first thing is to understand what makes this business model work.

There is one reason that solo-ad sellers in the internet marketing space exist as they do today. And that’s because so many people are looking to build their mailing lists quickly.

What has been taught for ages in internet marketing forums is that driving clicks is what’s important. The more clicks you can send to a website then the more money you make.

Well… yes and no.

What is actually important is the quality of the clicks and how many sales they convert into.

But somehow that gets skipped over by most people.

The bottom line is that it is easy to send clicks. Sending quality clicks is much harder.

And most buyers of IM (internet marketing) solo-ads are only just realising that quality is important. You will now see them charging more for Tier 1 countries, and testimonials of the amount of optins or sales their clients have received.

That’s all well and good, but I would ask a couple of questions.

1. What makes someone living in a Tier 1 country less likely to buy than any other if the offer is relevant to a high quality mailing list? In my experience none.

2. Optins and sales are of no use to me because A) I don’t know if they’re real B) I don’t know how good their optin or sales copy is

There’s only one thing that should matter, and in fact getting a sale immediately is nice but not overly important.

The one thing that makes a big difference is if the leads who optin to your mailing list are responsive.

In other words are they opening your emails and clicking on your links.

Because if they’re doing that then as long as you’re building trust with them, sending them good content etc… you’ll be able to turn them into customers.

But if they’re not doing that… then you’ve got no chance of turning them into a customer.

So the real criteria of the quality of any solo-ads should be the engagement of the leads that are generated into the future.

However, this isn’t what is “commonly” taught and so is not what most people believe they should be getting when they purchase a solo ad.

Instead they’re taught that they should purchase a set number of clicks from primarily Tier 1 countries.

Which is why the solo-ad business is booming.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve spent 534 words explaining what is wrong with the common understanding of what to expect from a solo-ad.

Well, there’s two reasons. The first is because it’s important to understand what drives a particular business model and number two is because… becoming a solo-ad seller is pretty simple.

Yes, I know there are people charging hundreds of dollars to teach it to you but in reality it is just three steps:

1. Create an optin page and provide a lead magnet which is focused around making money online, instantly for beginners

2. Buy a solo ad to that optin page

3. Sell clicks in solo-ads to other people from your new leads

And that is literally it!

Okay, I know that you can get more in detail and optimised but that’s the basics and you don’t need any more information to make it profitable.

The more solo-ads you buy, the more clicks you can sell. The more clicks you sell, the more you can buy etc…

I know what you’re thinking. Surely the lifetime of the leads is pretty short?

Yup. It is.

But that doesn’t matter to you because you will always be buying solo-ads to your own email opt-ins and selling them immediately on the back to other people. Which means you can replenish your list as fast as people become inactive.

Of course, most of these leads aren’t going to spend much money and they’re going to be looking for freebies.

But if you’re in the business of selling clicks then that doesn’t matter.

However, if you’re really sneaky then what you do is once they’ve opted in the first email you send them is one to your own funnel. Another optin which is a sales funnel for one of your own products.

And if you have more than one product then you can send the second email to the second product etc…

Whenever someone joins one of your sales funnels then you remove them from your solo-ad list.

By doing that you are taking the highest quality leads for yourself and reselling the rest as solo-ads to other people.

Of course, you may not be happy only selling the worst leads on to other people. But the semantics of whether this is right or wrong is for another article. This article is designed to show you how a lot of solo-ad sellers work and why you should be careful about buying from them.

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