How to hack your way to wealth

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Let’s be honest with each other. We all want to make more money for less work. I know you’re nodding, even if you don’t want to.

And it’s possible, the folk on Business Ignition are already on their way to making a six-figure salary on two hours (at most) a day.

But I don’t want to talk about Business Ignition today. You know where to go if you want to join. And if you don’t want to join, then you’re probably not ready for it.

Today I want to talk about how you can hack your way to wealth.

And it only requires you to do one thing. It’s so unbelievably simple, that I know most people won’t do it.

The simpler something is to do, the less people do it. For some reason, if something isn’t complicated, then it can’t possibly work in the minds of a lot of people.

Well that’s bull.

In my experience the opposite is true. The simpler something is, then the more likely it is to work outstandingly well.

So, here’s the one thing you need to do to hack your way to wealth…

Track everything.

Literally that’s it.

You want to track every single link you put anywhere. It’s not difficult. Sending traffic from your blog post to your sales page, use a tracking link. Sending traffic from solo ads to your optin, use a tracking link. Sending traffic from your Facebook page to your blog, use a tracking link.

Use a tracking link everywhere.

If you do that, and the folk who are serious about hacking their way to wealth will, after a couple of months, you’ll start to see which sources of traffic are converting the best. And that means…

…you can focus 80% of your time on driving more traffic from those sources.

How do you track all these links?

Well, you can use Google Analytics, but that’s overkill, and kinda complicated to get setup. Personally I use software called ClickMagick.

You can get a free trial here.

There’s no installation, it takes seconds to create a tracking link, and you can put links into ‘groups’ to make it easy to find them.

Having sent over 20,000 clicks through ClickMagick so far, it is by far the most simple, cheap and reliable tracker I’ve ever tested.

And I’ve tested most of them!

My guess is, very few people will start doing this, but if you want to hack your way to wealth in the simplest, quickest way possible, grab a free trial of ClickMagick and start tracking everything.


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