How to Use Million Dollar Bizniss’s To Build Yours on Autopilot

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If you’re looking for a way to rip-off other online bizniss’s to build yours by taking their email swipes, content or sales copy, then you’re in the wrong place.

I do not condone that.

But… I do condone looking at what other people are doing, and using the good stuff in your own business.

There’s a place for testing, but there’s also a place for letting other people, the folk with bigger budgets, do the testing for you and then use what they’ve discovered in your own bizniss.

And, it’s possible to take it further.

You can actually use million dollar websites to grow yours on autopilot.

Oooh yeah daddy, that’s how I like it 😉

I’m currently looking that this website as an example…


Honestly, I don’t think the copy is great. But hey, I know they’re pushing millions of dollars through that page so I’m not going to worry about changing it.

What I’m gonna do is use it to build my own mailing list and business for me. And when I do that, I’m going to be getting paid to build my mailing list.

That’s the dream, being paid to build your mailing list. Because then all you need to do is continue to email, and you’ll continue making more money.

How am I doing this?

That’s what I’m revealing in next months special report edition of Business Ignition.

There’s still time to get in.


P.S. This is gonna change the entire way you run your online business. It’s simple, repeatable and pays you.

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