How To Use Quizzes To Cash In

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For a number of years there’ve been a lot of quizzes doing the rounds. Barely a day goes by when a friend doesn’t share their results from a quiz on Facebook.

How many times have you seen the results of a friend’s quiz, clicked the link and done it?

I bet it’s a fair few. I know I do.


Because it’s fun, quick, and a reason to not get on with work.

What more reason do we need to take part!

That’s why it ‘s become one of the fastest ways to generate leads for your business, completely free of charge.

But… it’s always been a pain in the ass to build them, either using expensive software on a monthly fee, or needing to have them custom coded.

Until now.

The folks behind Thrive Themes have just released Thrive Quiz Builder, and it’s pretty damn awesome.

Check it out at:

I’ve only just got a copy myself, but… I’m already impressed. As I am with everything they release.

It uses the same interface they use on all their other products. And, if you don’t have any of their other products, that means it’s clear, clean and simple to use.

You can completely customise the quiz, show people different questions based on previous answers, show them different results and even sell them something completely different.

Which means you can get your audience to tell you exactly what they want, enjoy telling you, and then you can give it to them.

There’s no easier way to sell something!

Put simply… I friggin love it 🙂

Anyhoo, you can check it out at the link below:

While you watch the video, I’m going to work on my own quizzes.



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