How To Write 50 Promotional Emails And Make Money

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In the last few days I’ve written nearly 5000 words in emails for a product launch that I’ve currently got ongoing.

And that’s only for the first three days of the launch.

And… that’s just to the main list!

It doesn’t include what’s being written by someone else to all our other lists.

There’s at least another four days of emails, and I’ll probably do more like five or six more days at this kind of quantity.

Which opens two questions:

1) How do you keep coming up with content for emails?
2) Surely you’re sending too many emails?

The current schedule of emails is four a day to the main list, this may get reduced to two or three for a few days, and may increase to five or six for a few days, I’m keeping an eye on the responses.

To our other lists we’re sending one email a day to everyone, and then again to un-opens twelve hours later with a different subject line.

We’re removing anybody on our main list from the other lists, otherwise they’d be getting too many emails.

To recap on what we’re doing…

You’ll need to get a full membership for The Online Hustle before this evening’s email is sent aty 6:30pm GMT.

There’s nowhere else you can get so much bang for just five bucks.
All the best,

The Online Hustle

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