How we doubled our turnover in less than a month

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Yesterday I posted this message on Facebook:

In the last few weeks we’ve doubled our turnover. No extra traffic, no extra affiliate partners. One simple change made the difference. What do you think it is?

There were loads of suggestions such as new landing page, new sales page, improved copy, surveys, traffic quality and split-testing.

But it was much simpler than that!

What we did to make this massive jump in turnover was…

Tripled the amount of emails we sent to our list.

It was that simple.

Here’s the thang… the more emails you send, the more opens and clicks you get, it kinda goes without saying.

Newbies get worried about sending a load of emails because they’re worried people will unsubscribe, or that folk may not like them.

Well get used to it, because people will unsubscribe and some folk won’t like you.

It’s exactly the same on the internet as it is in the real world.

But the folk who do like you, will be happy to hear from you more often. And, because they’re hearing from you more often, they’ll like you even more.

That’s when you change from some kind of slightly wet, trying to please everyone personality to somebody people can agree or disagree with.

Then you become a real person, and will start building a fanbase.

If you’re not sending at least one email a day, then you’re just being lazy. How long does it take to write and send an email, 10 minutes? 20 minutes?

There’s no excuse not to send an email every single day.

But if you want to shoot yourself to the next level, start sending two or even three emails a day.


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