How, when I was 12, I learned that s**t goes wrong

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I was twelve years old, and on holiday with my best friend and his family. We were on a small island, north of Scotland, it was a brilliantly sunny day and everyone decided to do some hill walking.

That was a day that changed my life forever.

We were on the way back, when a rock fall began. As fate would have it, one of those rocks, a big bastard weighing around a ton, decided it would stop it’s journey on my foot and crushing my toes.

Which kinda sucked.

Anyhoo, to cut a very long story short, I ended up being in hospital for six months while they tried to rescue my toes.

Six months of not being able to move. Six months of being in a bed. Six months of not walking.

Eventually they had to be amputated.

And after the amputation, the physiotherapy to learn how to walk again began.

I will never forget the first day. I was brought in my wheelchair to the walking bars, and told, by the physio, to go as far as I could.

I made it about half-way before I felt I couldn’t go any further.

The physio said I’d done an excellent job, and went to get my wheelchair, which is when my mum jumped in…

Don’t you bring that chair near him

You will get to the other end of these bars, even if you have to crawl

Thinking back, the physio must have thought my mum was kinda harsh, but they can’t do anything when a parent has taken control.

That was the best thing my mum has ever done for me.

Later on she explained…

S**t happens. You can’t feel sorry for yourself. You can’t stop trying. I knew you could get to the end, you just didn’t know it yourself. When s**t happens, you pick yourself up and fight with every fibre of your being to keep going.

And I’ve spent the rest of my life doing just that.

Things will go wrong. Things won’t always work. Don’t give up. Don’t think you can’t do it.

You can.

Just like you can build an online business. Because you haven’t done it yet doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Back then I had my mum to tell me I could do it.

You have me.

And this is how you’re gonna do it.


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