How You Wasted 95 Days Last Year

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On average people waste 95 days every year at work.

That’s around 795 hours.

Looking at it another way, last year you effectively threw away three months of your life doing meaningless crap.

Which is 25% of the entire year!

And it’s only getting worse.

Let’s look at some figures. The average person…

  1. Receives 304 business emails a week
  2. Checks their email 36 times an hour
  3. Takes 16 minutes to re-focus after checking their email
  4. Spends 31 hours a month in meetings that result in nothing
  5. Only works for 3 minutes on a job before switching to another job
  6. Wastes 2 hours recovering from distractions each day
  7. Gets 56 interruptions during their working day

Companies waste billions of dollars every year paying people to do nothing.

That’s fine if those companies want to do it. But for your own business, you sure as hell don’t want to be wasting your time like that.

The key to doing an entire days work in a few hours is… focus.

First decide what time best suits you, morning, afternoon or evening. It doesn’t matter when but it’s best to stick to a similar time every day. For me it’s the morning, I like to get up, have a cup of tea in the garden and then work so everything’s done before lunch.

But whatever works for you!

Next, when you sit down you must turn everything off. And I mean everything.

No emails or push notifications.

No partners coming in to your workspace.

No children distracting you.

Absolutely nothing can break your concentration. 

Now grab a post-it note and write down the things that MUST be done that day (I actually do this the day before). This should take no more than two or three minutes.

You cannot fill more than one row on the post-it note, so be selective and only choose the most important things.

Next… start working on item one, when you’ve finished take a five minute break but don’t allow yourself to be distracted. This is to make a coffee or stretch your legs, nothing more.

Repeat this through all the jobs on your list.

When you’ve finished you can turn on you emails, push-notifications and let the kids back in.

This will allow you to do an entire days work by the time most people have got to the office, said hello to colleagues and made themselves a coffee.

And once you’ve done it… you can do whatever the hell you want for the rest of the day.

Try it, it will change your life.


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