Sometimes people do stupid s**t!

Driving home the other week we saw an accident on one of the bypass roads that runs around our town.

There was a car and an arctic truck involved and, as you can imagine, the car had not fared well.

We later discovered that what had happened was this…

A gentlemen driving his car wanted to get ahead of a lorry, and so he decided to overtake the lorry even though he could see an arctic truck coming in the other direction.

The car he was driving didn’t have enough speed to pull off this ridiculous game of chicken, and they ploughed headfirst into the truck.

To make it even stupider, he was doing this overtaking on the leadup to a roundabout, where he would have had to stop anyway!

They may have saved a few seconds of time.

The result… he died and he killed his grandson, who was in the car with him.

It’s a tragedy, and for what reason? To save a few seconds.

The modern world of technology means that there’s a constant feeling of always needing to be rushing. We always need to reply to a message, check our phones, send an email, be somewhere else, but the truth is… it doesn’t really matter.

Rushing doesn’t get things done faster, usually it just means things get done worse.

Most of the urgency that we feel is created by ourselves. In reality, most of these things can wait a bit longer if they need to. And often they’ll be better for it.

In business, racing ahead without a plan is only going to cause a car crash, and nobody fairs well from that.

So think about what you want to gain from your work or business, think about where you want to be, and don’t consider just financial, consider your lifestyle as well.

And then… make your decisions based on that.

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