I bet you didn’t see that smack you between the bejezas

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There’s nothing better than the look on someones face when they realise how easily something can be achieved if… you do it the right way.

It’s the look of being smacked right between the bejezas.

And it never fails to make me smile.

Because helping people achieve their dreams is just frickin awesome.

What’s your dream?

If your anything like me, then your dream is to make enough money to pay the bills, and live a nice life. But with one huge caveat…

…it has to be done on your terms.

No bosses. No late working nights. No two weeks holiday a year.

I’m talking freedom to spend time with your family. Freedom to work just one or two hours a day. Freedom to holiday as much as you damn want.

That’s the dream.

And as I type this, I’ve just booked myself a two week trip on a boat through the Norwegian Fjords.

As my wife is now heavily pregnant we can’t fly, but we can go on a boat.

Will I still work?


Because I have to?


Because I love what I do, and it only takes me an hour a day 🙂

And I’ve just opened the doors to Business Ignition, exposing the complete online business model that allows me to do exactly this.

If you want to build an online business. If you only want to spend a few hours a day doing it.

Then this is the business model you want to use.



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