I bitch-slapped my cousin

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Dude WTF are you doing?

He’d been paying for traffic, a lot of it, and building his list for weeks. With nearly 50,000 people on his list he’d decided it was time to promote.

Normally he subscribes to the Michael Wilding school of email marketing… sit down, bang out an email, hit send.

But since he was doing his first big sales pitch, he’d spent hours crafting it.

Having finished he tested it, scheduled it and then sat in anticipation waiting for it to actually go out.

The time came, the email sent and he was refreshing the page like a crazy person.

There’s no point, people will open it when people open it. End of. Check in 12 hours and see how you’ve done.

12 hours later he had a whopping… 4% open rate, 0.5% click through and a ton of unsubscribes.

Which is when he came to me asking what had gone wrong.

What had gone wrong!

He’d literally done everything wrong that you could do wrong.

1) He’d waited months before starting to sell to his list. Sell on day one.

2) He’d spent hours crafting the perfect email, losing the voice he spoke in.

3) It was a pitch-only email, no content where all his previous emails had been content.

And he knew better. I’d schooled him in what to do.

Do email marketing right…



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