I nearly died in the jungle

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It’s now been a few years since I nearly died in a jungle.

True story. I’m not making it up.

Here’s what happened…

I was on the first stage of a new trip. My plan was to collect tribal histories, the histories that are dying out.

As the western world encroaches on tribes still living in remote areas, the young people from those societies want to leave and join the west.

The history of these societies are handed down through spoken word. The elders tell stories to the younger generations, they then pass this down to their children.

It’s how it’s been for thousands of years.

And having spent some time with these people, I can tell you that they are the single best storytellers I’ve ever met in my life.

All the new-fangled analysis and sciences behind storytelling, they don’t come close to the storytelling done by the elders of these tribes.


Because it’s part of their culture and their life.

There is no TV, there is no internet, there are no books. If you want to escape the world, then it has to be done through storytelling, which means you need to be damn good at it.

But I’m getting off track…

I’d begun the first leg of my journey with a friend called Mark.

We were looking to meet the Lacandones, the closest surviving relations to the ancient Mayans, and from there we wanted to get to their hunting grounds.


Because nobody else had ever done it.

That’s as good a reason as any right 😉

We met at Heathrow, got on the plane to Mexico, spent some time in Mexico City, and then headed down south to the Chiapas region.

A few days, some hitchhiking, and some walking later… we got to the village we were aiming for.

I may have missed the part where we found their village, we found it on Google Earth, great for finding places that are isolated on the edge of jungles.

You’re probably wondering what this story’s got to do with marketing.

And you’re gonna have to wait until tomorrow to find out…

Because it’s all to do with what happened when I nearly died.


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Nuff said.

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