If THIS is you, then I’m sorry

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We had some turf delivered this morning, and the delivery driver couldn’t be bothered to help unload it.

It seems to be becoming standard that delivery drivers can’t be arsed to work.

We frequently get delivery drivers saying they tried to deliver to us and nobody was home.

The only problem with that is…

I work from home.

Holly’s always home.

My mum’s moved into her house, she works from home. And my 92 year-old grandfather lives with her, he’s always home.

Our house is a building site, and there’s always at least 4 people here to take packages all day and night.

What’s really happened is…

They’re getting near the end of their shift, they don’t want to be late going home, so they just say we weren’t in rather than bother to drive the wrong direction to our house.

And it p****s me off!

Because here’s the thang…

If you want to make money then you’re going to have to damn well work for it.

It’s exactly the same online.

If someone tells you that you can make five figures from home with no-effort, then they’re talking bullshit.

Move on.


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