If you get scared easily, this will really f**k you up!

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It’s closing in on Halloween, and I’m really gonna scare the s**t out of you this evening. Because I’m going to ask you delete emails from your mailing list.

All those glorious emails that you’ve spent weeks and months gathering.

All those people you’ve been nurturing gently to get ready to buy from you.

Well… I’m going to ask you to delete more than half of them. Hell, it could be as much as 70% or 80%.

Getting scared now?

You shouldn’t be.

Because that’s how you actually build a good mailing list.

What I’m about to say some folks will shrink away from, others will just plain outright ignore it. But the clever folk, the ones who know a good thing when they see it, they’ll grab their balls in the hands and jump.

A good mailing list is NOT about numbers.

Size doesn’t matter.

(at least that’s what Holly keeps telling me!)

It’s about having people who want to read what you write and buy shit from you.

And that’s the foundation of any good online business.

But most people who come onto your list, they don’t like you, they don’t want to hear from you, and they sure as hell aren’t going to be buying anything from you.

So you want to jettison those folk into deep space.

It keeps your mailing list small, it keeps your deliverability good (which means people actually see you emails), and both of those things mean… more money in your pocket.

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Find everyone on your mailing list who hasn’t opened or clicked for ninety days and move them to another email list.
  2. Send them an email a day for one week, asking them to rejoin your main list, otherwise you’ll delete their emails and they’ll never hear from you again.
  3. Delete anybody who doesn’t rejoin.

Oooooh yeah baby, that’s how to do it.

If you’ve got some really big cajones, then you can do it every thirty days like me.

The people who don’t open or click, aren’t reading your emails. Which means they’re not buying. So there’s no point in emailing them. All it will do is make it look like the majority of people you’re emailing don’t want your emails.

And if you look like that, then you look remarkably similar to a spammer, and will get treated in a remarkably similar way by email providers.

Once you’ve done that, pick up the latest edition of Business Ignition which will be coming through your letter box soon.

Unless you’re not a member yet of course!

In which case you’d better join right here.


P.S. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about nurturing your list gently getting them ready to buy from you. I’m going to come with a sledgehammer and smash that one apart tomorrow!

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