I’m about to wee myself

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There’s nothing funny about that subject line, it’s the gods honest truth. I’m having one of those days when I’m running behind on everything, and my brain isn’t focused.

When you’re not focused, you just can’t come up with the things you want to come up with, and now I desperately need to wee.

But I refuse to let myself, until I’ve written this email.

And as you can see… sometimes when you put yourself in a situation that requires you to do something, you just get on and do it!

I always write my emails one day in advance, that prevents me from worrying if I have to go out in the morning or for some reason can’t write an email that day.

Which means, I want to send you images of the new Business Ignition, but I won’t be picking it up from the printers until this afternoon.

So you’re just gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

Today, you’ll have to be content with knowing this…

Inside you’ll get:

* A complete online business blueprint

* How to generate leads for free

* Getting paid to build your mailing list

* The secret behind a 2 hour a day business

* Why keeping it simple always works best

* How to get rid of all the noise that’s preventing you being successful

* Step-by-step guide to building a six-figure income

* The truth of how most gooroos make their money online

* Six individual modules

* The ultimate copywriting system

* Become a six-figure copywriter in seven days

* The real secret behind awesome copy

* How to write converting copy even if you can barely write

It all comes inside one beautifully designed binder at:



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