If the truth be told, I’ve never been more scared in my life.

I’ve jumped out of aeroplanes, dived to the bottom of the sea, lived with tribes, swum with a shark, been caught in a rockfall and got ill in the jungles of Mexico.

But I’ve never felt quite like this before.

Inside my guts are churning, and I’m struggling to focus on anything that isn’t related to it.

I know sometimes you may feel similar when you look at your business. Sometimes you may be terrified of failing. Hell, you may be terrified of succeeding. That’s not uncommon either.

There are two parts of the human brain.

Okay, there’s more than two parts, I’m simplifying here but bear with me.

There are two parts of the human brain, there’s the flight and the fight.

Stress controls the flight part of our brain. As soon as we begin to get over-stressed the flight part of our brain kicks in. It’s sometimes called our monkey brain. All we can focus on is not being in the situation we’re in and finding the quickest way out of it.

Problem is, sometimes there is no way out of it. Sometimes you just have to get through it.

But if you let that monkey part of your brain, that flight part, take control, that’s when you have a break down.

The fight part of the brain is what I consider to be our human side, the bit that separates us from other animals. It’s the part that allows us to move the monkey part of the brain to the side, control it and not allow the stress to take over.

It’s hard. It’s tiring. But it’s what enables us to overcome obstacles and achieve great things.

If you’re getting stressed with your business. If you feel like you’re out of your depth. Take a moment. Breath deeply. Push the stress to the side, don’t let yourself panic or feel overwhelmed. Use the fight part of your brain.

Running a business shouldn’t be stressful. You should be focusing on building a stress free business.

Exactly how I teach in…



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