Have you read the book Influence by Robert Cialdini?

If not then you should. It’s always sitting on my desk, and I occasionally flick through it. Without fail, every time I flick through it, there’s something that jumps out at me, something that I just have to go and try.

I opened it the other day and saw this statement…


Here’s how it works… once you’ve gotten someone to make a commitment, then it becomes significantly harder for them to go against it.

That’s why marketers use tripwire products. Once someone has purchased something from you, no matter how small, it becomes much harder for them to say ‘no’ to your future offers.

But it goes even further, because if someone makes a public commitment to you, then it becomes very difficult for them to retract from it.

Which is why social proof is so darn effective!

The more people who’ll make a public commitment to you on social media, say how good you are, how good your products are, how much you helped them, or any kind of public endorsement, then they’re very likely to be fans for life.

That’s why market leaders spend so much time and money getting folk to give public approvals of them and their products.

So start asking people for social commitments, ask them to post on Facebook or Twitter, add a social feed to your squeeze and sales pages, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.


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