InfusionSoft – Do You Want It?

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I’ve been a user of InfusionSoft for a number of years. In fact I would find it very hard to move away from it now because we have software products tied into the CRM using it’s API. This means that leaving would be a task of gargantuan proportions.

Over the years I’ve recommended the InfusionSoft to a variety of people, and most have ended up joining it and loving it.

The bottom line is… it’s a great business tool. One of the best out there.


Having recently spent another hour on their support chat, and becoming increasingly frustrated I thought I had to write this article.

A number of years ago the support was great and then there was an influx of new support staff that came in and… the quality plummeted.

But this isn’t because the support staff aren’t polite, it’s because they haven’t been trained in basic marketing principles which quite often means that they simply don’t understand what you’re asking them.

On one or two occasions I’ve even found they don’t know how to use the software as well as me.

Now I’m a great self-learner. In fact that’s how I learn best. So you’d think I could head over to the support documentation. But again this is confusing and lacking in everything outside of the basics.

So I’m on this support chat and I wanted to find out about tracking. The reason being was that I wanted to decide whether it was worth getting iTracker360 to track my lead sources as it plugs directly into InfusionSoft.

Having seen someone else’s iTracker account I thought that there must be a way to do this inside InfusionSoft without external use. So I went about to try and find it.

InfusionSoft has got LeadSource tracking built into it… or so they say. Setting up a new leadsource is no problem. Adding the tracking code to your website is no problem, they even provide a WordPress plugin to make it even easier.

The problem comes when you try to set up a tracking link… you can’t!

If we’re tracking paid advertising to an offer we may have ten traffic sources we want to test for our offer. Each of these gets a tracking link which redirects to our offer page and then we tally the conversion rate for each source to determine which are most profitable for us to use before scaling up.

Comparatively simple.

Except it took me nearly an hour to explain to an InfusionSoft support team member what I wanted to do. They then proceeded to tell me that my traffic sources weren’t lead sources!

Quite what they think a leadsource is I have no idea but using the InfusionSoft interface leadsource tracking you can only track a single leadsource to your site without creating multiple optin forms to tag your leads first.

But what if I don’t want to have optin forms? What if I’m sending direct to my sales page?

Well there is an answer… you have to use third-party software.

If the support staff had been trained sufficiently in digital marketing then it would have taken just a few minutes for them to tell me that I couldn’t do paid advertising tracking within InfusionSoft.

No problem. Thanks. Can you let me know when I can.

But for the support staff to not understand how paid tracking works on a very expensive marketing tool for advanced marketing is poor.

What makes it even worse is that all the tracking functionality is there. Just not the ability to assign a unique tracking link to a leadsource, even though I can do it for referral partners!

So would I recommend InfusionSoft?

Yes I would. But you’ve got to be prepared to get stuck in and learn how to use it yourself if you want to really maximise what you can do with it as neither the support documentation or staff are fully equipped to help.

When there’s more hours in the day I will look into starting an InfusionSoft training site. But until then if you’ve got any questions leave a comment here or shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to help.

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