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Head over to Google and type in “list building techniques” and you’re going to get something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 23.22.38

That’s 51 million results!

But even though there are millions of results, I can guarantee that 99% of them are going to be saying the same thing.

Let’s take the first one on the list as an example:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 23.23.33

All good things, but there’s nothing new and exciting on there. You’ve probably seen these suggestions a thousand times.

Apart from the lack of anything new, I would suggest that the main issue most people have isn’t how to build a list but where to get the traffic to build the list from.

After all, you’ve probably at least two or three things on the above list. The problem is that not enough people are visiting your site and so there aren’t many people joining.

Which is why today I’m going to share with you the single best, most profitable and fastest way to build your mailing list…

Get other people to promote it.

That’s it.

With that information you can have a mailing list of thousands, if not tens of thousands depending on your niche, in a matter of days.

The reason this works so well is:

  • An instant flood of traffic
  • Recommendation from someone known by the readers = high optin rate
  • Because of recommendation, a higher trust level to begin with

But I know what you’re thinking… why would anybody do that?

And that’s a good question. Of course you can’t just go to someone you don’t know who has a big mailing list and ask them to email their list on your behalf.

It doesn’t work like that.

Here’s what you need to do.

Start by networking. And I mean network your ass off.

Go to events, not the big pitch heavy events, the ones where people actually talk. Meet people, interact and get yourself invited to other groups and private events.

If you meet one person at an event who has a bigger list than you and works in the same niche then it was worthwhile going.

Get to everything you can get your hands on.

But don’t ask anybody to promote anything. Just chat with them, get contact details and stay in touch.

Find out what they’re doing, send some traffic their way, if they’re doing something related to your speciality offer if you can help them out by providing them with some free content.

Basically, give them value and become a master networker.

While you’re doing that it’s time to work on the funnel that is going to enable you to ask people to promote for you.

There are two main options:

  1. A product launch
  2. An email sales funnel

Of course you should have an email sales funnel on a product launch anyway, but I’m differentiating both for a reason I’ll share in a moment.

The product launch is, without a doubt, the easiest route to take. You don’t have to make a high priced product with loads of videos, here is what I would recommend:

  • Create a high quality product worth at least $67, but preferably $97 or higher.
  • Sell it for $17 and give affiliate partners 100% commission
  • Create a high quality product that takes your training to a more advanced level worth at least $127
  • Sell it for $27 and give affiliate partners 100% commission

What this does is create a product that is exceptional value for money for your customers, they love it and become raving fans because of the price. Your affiliate partners get all the money for selling a product from someone who can’t currently reciprocate. They also get excellent feedback from your customers and will want to work with you again.

You get a big mailing list of buyers for free (minus the cost of making your product).

It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Of course, you should have a complete follow-up sequence built behind this that sells more tools, products or a membership site where they can continue their training which only pays a 50% commission to your affiliates.

The second way is to build an email funnel. This can be harder to get people to agree to unless you know them really well, but is absolutely killer if you get it working.

Build out a free email course that lasts at least two months. In this course you do soft promotions to both your own products and other peoples products.

So far it makes sense.

But now…

You use a special script that drops in the Clickbank ID of the people who promote your series. This means that:

  • They get affiliate commission on the products you promote through your funnel
  • They get affiliate commission on your product
  • They get to promote a high quality free course and still get paid

You can choose to swap their affiliate ID into 50% of the affiliate promotions, 100% or anywhere in-between.

You can also offer to pay for the email blast as well so they’re getting a fee for sending the email and then making back-end commissions.

The ideal scenario is to get a partner who will put in an advert into their own follow-up sequences which means every single one of their leads will get promoted to your sequence.

These two approaches are, without any doubt, the fastest and most effective way to build a powerful mailing list.

But the key to them both is… networking.

Become a master networker and the world is your oyster.

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