I’m writing this email at 6am in the morning. Which, for me, is pretty damn early. I’ve just dropped my mum and grandad at the airport, and now I’m awake, I may as well get the days work done. At least I’ll be done by 9am 😉

On the way to the airport, my mum was on the phone. Which isn’t unusual. Like most of us, she’s always on her phone.

And that reminded me of a question I was asked recently…

Love your stuff. I’m always seeing you sending emails, posting blog articles, tweeting, sharing on Facebook and making videos. How the hell do you find the time to do it all?

A good question.

And to find out the answer, you’ll need to read on.

But what the writer hadn’t realised was, he’d put the internet marketing ketchup into his question. I bet you have ketchup somewhere in your kitchen right now. Almost everyone does. And I bet, when it runs out, you just buy another bottle without even thinking about it. Right?

Of course you do. Everyone does.

Ketchup is just something that’s always around.

Which is exactly how you should be online. You should always be around. You should always be on peoples radar, and that means spreading you content regularly and consistently over the entire internet.

Then you just become someone that everyone listens to. A bit like the ketchup everyone just buys.

How do you actually create all that content by working just a couple of hours a day? Well that’s exactly what Business Ignition members have to look forward to learning next month 😉

Here’s where you can join them to learn the ways of internet marketing jedi…



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