Is it just me, or is this mental?

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Did you know that some people register their children for primary school before they’re born, to make sure that they get into the school they want?

That’s mental!

I literally cannot get my head around that.

How can you choose a school before you know what will suit your child?

I’m sure it’s not possible.

Anyhoo… in my humble, and very limited experience, what’s most important is learning how to learn.


If you know how to learn, if you know how to go and discover how to do things, then you’ll literally be able to do anything. You’ll be able to get stuck in and learn the skills you need as you do it.

Nowhere is this more true than online.

The online world is still a mystery to most people. Yet the lure of being able to earn a living from anywhere in the world, working when you want to work is hugely appealing.

And with great reason!

However, most folk stumble at the first hurdle… understanding what you need to do to make money online.

That’s partly due to product and service sellers wanting to make it complicated, as that benefits them selling their services.

It’s also partly because most people don’t know where to begin teaching themselves how to do it.

While having access to pretty much anything you want to find on the internet is awesome. At the same time it can become a hinderance, because there’s simply too much.

This means you need to first learn how to search and filter the content on the internet in order to find the instructions you need to do what you want to do.

Which you can only do if… you know how to teach yourself.

The very first thing you need to do in order to learn, is learn.

As finding the basic building blocks of an online business is where most folk fall, I’m going to give them to you now.

1) A website. This could be a one page website to join your email newsletter or it could be a blog with an optin form to join your email newsletter.

2) An email newsletter. This is crucial, you need a way to contact your leads and customers regularly. This is it!

3) A method of generating revenue. It could be selling products as an affiliate, selling advertising space in your email newsletter, selling your own products. The possibilities are endless.

4) Traffic. Once you’ve got this setup you need to send traffic to your website, or email newsletter, so you get the leads to sell to.

That’s it.

Four simple steps.

Plan what you’re going to do first, and then start with step one, learn how to build your website out and then move on to step two.

There’s no rush. Slow and steady wins the race.

Over and out,


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