Is that a gun, or are you just pleased to see me!

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This weekend I was sitting in a bar with some of my oldest friends, when one of them mentioned that his wife had caught him watching porn on the kitchen table.

Which I found kinda amusing, but apparently it didn’t go down well.

She thought he was hiding it from her, as if it was something he didn’t want her to know he was doing.

Knowing him, I don’t think that was the case, but I can see why she thought that.

And quite often people are the same with their marketing. They’re ashamed that they’re doing it. They use fake names and details, because they don’t want to associate their real name with the way they market.

Heck, I’ve even seen people do it because they don’t want to be associated with the product they’re selling.

Which is insane.

Here’s the truth…

  • You have to be comfortable with the way you’re marketing.
  • You have to be comfortable with the products you’re selling.

If you’re not comfortable with either of those, then you need to stop what you’re doing and look for something else.

Doesn’t matter if some gooroo has told you this is the way to do it. If it doesn’t sit right with you, then it’s not the way YOU should do it.

The way I do things, which builds a huge fan base and sells stuff without any real selling, is what I teach in Business Ignition.


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