Last weekend we had a whole load of friends come and stay, ten in total, and we planned a chilled out few days with a BBQ and nice bottles of wine.

My new fire-pit was given a test-run before the thirty person BBQ we’re having next weekend, and, I’m pleased to report, it worked a treat. It’s one meter wide, and I think it may still be a bit small for thirty people, but we’ll make it work 🙂


It was kinda late, we’d maybe drunk a little bit too much, and were playing a card game when I heard this silent thud and a groan.

Being curious, I got up to investigate, and discovered that one of my best friends, who was slightly worse for wear, had thought the cellar was the toilet and opened the door and walked straight in.

The only problem being… it’s four steps straight down!

Luckily, there were cushions from our outside dining table at the bottom and, apart from a couple of bruises, he was fine.

If you’ve ever seen Faulty Towers (an old British comedy), then you’ll know exactly the type of scene that happened and why, once we knew he was alive and kickin’, it was pretty funny.

The next morning, he’d decided to take a few days off work, his work is physical so the bruises were gonna be making it pretty hard going if he’d gone in, and with nothing to do, I gave him the draft copy of next months Business Ignition.

A couple of hours later he was on his laptop, getting stuck into becoming a Facebook Rockstar. Part one is in this months magazine, and I’m going to show you how to absolutely kill Facebook advertising and get your mojo on.

Here’s the mojo making secrets…


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