It makes me want to cry

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Have you seen the video of United Airlines marshall’s removing a passenger from the plane?

If not, you can check out the video on my Facebook page here.

As I understand it, United had an employee who needed (wanted?) to get on the flight, but there wasn’t enough space.

So they asked for any passengers who’d be prepared to wait until the next flight.

They offered the usual vouchers etc., but nobody volunteered, which is fair enough considering they’d probably booked to be on a specific flight for a reason.

Because nobody volunteered, they thought it would be okay to choose somebody at random to be removed from the plane.

The passenger chosen,happened to be a doctor, who didn’t want to miss the flight because he had patients waiting. So, he refused to leave a plane that he had booked and paid to be on.

At which point… the staff at United thought it was okay to call the marshall’s to physically remove the man from the plane.

I mean WTF?!

They literally hit him and dragged him down the aisle to remove him.

Imagine if this was your sister, mother, grandmother, brother, father or grandfather.

What would these marshall’s have thought if someone had done the same thing to a member of their family?

They’d have gone batshit.

I hope that this guy gets some lawyers and rips them a new hole.

Yeah, I could tie this into something about customer support, and how to manage your support desk online.

And believe me, when you run an online business you can get some pretty unpleasant support tickets coming in.

But I’m not going to, because it seems to me that this is about one thing…

Simple human decency and respect.

It seems to be something that we’re losing rapidly, and it’s something that we need to get back.


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