It’s a scary-ass situation

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Take action.

You must implement.

These are two things you hear me, and others, saying again and again and again.


Because if you don’t, then you’re never gonna succeed. If you don’t start, then you can’t get anywhere, and starting is amongst the hardest things to do.

The reason we don’t start is because it’s a scary-ass situation.

If you start, then you could fail, and that’s what makes it scary. If you never start, you can never fail, but you can also never succeed.

So here’s how to make sure you do something about it…

Tell your audience the date you’re going to be doing something.

It could be releasing your product, providing an update, or anything else that you need to do. But tell them the date.

Once you’ve publicly said the date, you’ll get it done, you’ll take action. Because if you don’t, you’re gonna look like a dick.


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