It’s all about the money!

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I got this really interesting email yesterday, in response to me saying medicine is all about the science. This sentence in particular stood out to me…

“It’s about who pays the grant money for “research.”

And let’s be honest. He’s right.

Yeah, I like to think its all about the science, and for some people I truly believe it is.

But like everything in this life, ultimately it all comes down to the money, who’s paying and want they want to achieve.

Some people live their life only worrying about money.

I’ve got friends who work in the city of London, and when we were younger all they cared about was making their fortune.

And some of them did.

So you may be thinking that they got what they wanted.


They’re some of the most unhappy folk I know.

During their twenties, they were working every hour available to them, some of the offices even had beds in so they didn’t need to go home.

Now… they’re just tired.

And to make matters worse, most of them can’t give up the jobs they’ve got.

I’m like “Dude, aren’t you supposed to be retiring now, wasn’t that the point?

The problem is though, they’ve got big mortgages or children in expensive schools. Because the truth about money is… you will always live to the level that you earn.

Which is why I preach that it’s not just about money.

Heck, having money is nice. Nobody’s disputing that.

But what’s better, is the ability to enjoy your life. Spend your time with family and friends. Visit the places you’ve always wanted to see.

Ultimately, for me, life is about… time.

And using the limited time I have on this planet to do the things I want to do. Not doing what everyone else wants me to do.

Which is why working online is the ultimate job, and why I’m sharing one of my most successful and easily repeatable business models very soon.


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