It’s definitely impossible to do THIS!

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We’ve been in London for the last week, staying with friends in Battersea.

Holly has been working all week down there, and then we had the Christening of my god daughter.

That meant for most of the week… I had Max.

Which was incredible. I absolutely love spending time with him and, if I didn’t have to work, I’d spend every single day with him.

Unfortunately, I still have to work so that’s not possible.

However, it is absolutely flat out impossible to work when you have a toddler with you.

I challenge anybody to get a full days work done while you’re looking after one.

(Mum, notice I say full days work before you mention that you work with him!)

That means this week I have loads to get through, because I ended up only doing a handful of the jobs I intended to last week.

So… if you have any suggestions on how to get a full days work done, hit the reply button and let me know so I can be fully prepared next time!



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