It’s Not As Important As It Seems

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I’ve got to be honest, this isn’t one of my most imaginatively named posts. But although the name isn’t optimised for maximum conversion, the content is going to change your life.

That’s a big statement I know. But one I fully believe is true.

And, I’m going to change your life with just seven words.

Yes… you guessed it. The seven words are:

It’s not as important as it seems

Let’s take a step back for a moment and look at why these words are going to change your life.

You are involved in internet marketing. That may or may not be your primary business, but in some way you’re involved it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in charge of writing and putting content onto your companies blog, manage the social media program, build websites or run a completely internet based business.

If you have any contact with the world of internet marketing then this is going to affect you.


You see there are two major problems that affect 99% of people working with internet marketing. They are:

  1. Too many possibilities
  2. Information overload

Let’s begin by focusing on number one. There are simply hundreds of possible avenues for online promotion. For example you could:

  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Facebook traffic
  • Twitter traffic
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing PPC
  • Pay Per View
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Content Marketing
  • And many more…

But when you start to dig into each of these it get’s even more overwhelming because there is so much to consider and test for each one.

Take email marketing as an example. You need to consider and test:

  • Email lead generation from different sources
  • Email list segmentation
  • Email content
  • Promotion vs Content schedule
  • Subject lines
  • Squeeze page testing to different email traffic sources
  • Landing page testing to different email traffic sources
  • Sales page testing to different email traffic sources

Before you even begin it’s starting to look stressful, and once you start implementing it just gets worse.

Suddenly you find your job list filled with jobs that are all deemed urgent.

You must send an email at a certain time. The split-test needs to be ready before the email goes out. The copy isn’t right. The list needs to be segmented.

On and on and on until you feel like you’re going to explode.

If you ever experienced a feeling like this before, and I know I have many times. Then you need to say to yourself just seven words.

It’s not as important as it seems

Because the really true bottom line is… there’s almost nothing that is so important it can’t wait a few hours or even a few days.

So you miss a promotion. There’ll always be something else to promote. So your split-test isn’t ready, you can do it next week when it is.

Although it feels like you have to do everything instantly. You don’t.

Take things one step at a time. Complete one thing before moving onto the next.

The internet is moving so quickly that there is always something new to test. There is always something different that is making somebody “insane profits”.

But… if it’s a technique that’s seriously worth investing your time in. Then it will still be working in six days, six months and even six years.

If it isn’t, then it’s not worth investing your limited time in learning how to do it.

So, in summary, if you’re feeling your job list getting to many “urgent” jobs on it. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Take a step back. Have a break and remind yourself that…

It’s not as important as it seems

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