Jailed by an Atheist for Praying

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A fireman in a small town in Louisiana, has been jailed for praying at the scene of a fire. He’s been praying at the scene of fires since he joined the fire force eighteen years ago.

I’m not a religious person, but if someone, who puts their life on the line every single day, wants to pray when they’ve put the fire out, he’s more than welcome to. After all, it’s not getting in the way of anybody else.

And although I’m not religious, when I first got started online, I did kinda mumble a prayer to myself that I was gonna be able to make it work. Then I worked damn hard to get it to work.

When I got started online I didn’t sell anything.

Mistake No. 1

I built a relationship with my audience, and based on what the gooroos were saying, that meant I shouldn’t sell very often. Well, since I didn’t have a product, that basically meant I never sold anything.

Then I began to run out of money. My blog was growing, costs were increasing, and I was just not meeting those costs.

So… I started to sell a few things.

And people got rude.

Mistake No. 2

I pandered to them, as if my time was valueless, and theirs was worth a fortune.

Looking back, why the hell should I have been spending 10+ hours a day providing them with information, and then trying to appease them when I wanted to charge them a measly amount for it, and they didn’t want to pay.

I shoulda been saying f**k you. I’m working damn hard to provide you with this, if you don’t want to spend a tiny amount for it then don’t have it.

But I didn’t.

Mistake No. 3

My first ever product took me nearly six months to make, and cost a fortune. It was a piece of software, and I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I got lucky.

It sold really well.

However, in the future, I would go on to make products that cost even more and sold badly, even ones that I never actually released because I hadn’t thought about what my customer wanted properly.

All expensive lessons.

If I were to have my time again, I wouldn’t make a product. The first thing I would sell would be other peoples products.

And you can make a LOT of money selling other peoples products.

Take Sarah Staar for example. She regularly makes over $15,000 a month selling other peoples products.

The benefits?

You don’t have to make anything, you don’t have any customer support, all you need to do is tell your fanbase why you’re recommending it.

That’s all!

It works, it’s effective and you can make a killing from it.

If you’d like to get Sarah’s blueprint to making $15,000 a month, without ever having to have a product, go and check out this video now.

I wish I’d had that when I first got started!


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