Don’t you wish you’d had an idea like the Jellycat toy company. It seems like every child in the western world has at least one Jellycat toy.

What’s special about them?

The softness of the fabric.

That’s their USP.

Every parent is worried about their newborn babies skin, they want to make sure only the softest things touch it.

Which makes that USP, however simple it is, absolutely perfect for their target market.

And don’t forget, their target market is parents not children. The children aren’t the ones buying the product, so when you’re selling into this market, particularly for babies, you’re actually selling to the parents.

Whenever you’re considering building a new product, you must always start with your target audience, the folk who are actually buying it.

Sounds obvious?

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t consider this.

However, it’s the first thing to take into account when developing a new product, writing your sales copy, squeeze page, heck… when you do anything, you must always begin by considering your target market and what they want.

Remember, you always want to sell what they ‘want’ and provide what they ‘need’ to achieve the results.

That’s the way to get testimonials like…

Love your writing style “No BS just MW” (maybe you can use that as a slogan) bit like the Nike “Just do it”!!!  Keep up the great work.. Cheers” – Tony

Please continue doing an awesome job…” – Meschelle Munro


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