Jim Robinson shows us how not write emails

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I was in the middle of writing a book when I got an email which I opened. That was my first mistake, I usually have all forms of communication shut down when I’m working so I actually get shit done.

If your computer, tablet and phone are all pinging with a hundred different ways of people contacting you, whatever you may feel you’re going to be distracted. That distraction is going to waste hundreds of hours of your time. Hours when you could be productively working or enjoying something else.

I turn everything off when I work and focus at the job in hand. Then when I’ve finished I spend thirty minutes replying to messages.

Waaaay more efficient, and I get to reply to every message on all devices in that short amount of time.

Anyhoo… I’d clearly forgotten to turn my emails off and this email came through from Jim Robinson (whoever the heck he is).

It’s probably spam, but it got to my inbox and there are enough marketers out there who send emails like this. And it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

If he’s gonna spam me, then I’m gonna use his email to show you how not to send emails.

Here’s what he wrote:

Learn how to easily bank $1000 Payments while others handle the calls and close for you?

This works for me 24/7/365 and can work for YOU TOO!

Call this recording and listen to my new tool:  800-808-9294

 Listen to the entire message and leave a voicemail at the end if you

want to learn more.

Do these 2 things NOW!

1) Then Visit www.WeClose4U.com to see our online system.

2) Call Paul @ 800-410-7985 and get all your questions answered

or Call or text me direct (I work from home full-time) 732-735-6831

  Being successful at home doesn’t get any easier or better than this.

 To Your Success,

Jim Robinson

732-735-6831 text/call

FamilyFirst5@gmail.com – Email

Now I haven’t tried calling any of those numbers, and I’m not going to, so I don’t know where they go. If I did I’d probably get a barrage of sales phone calls afterwards.

Anyway, why is this email so bad?

First off it has no personality. There’s nobody to connect with and we can see from the first line it’s going to be an aggressive sales pitch.

Then he’s asking me to phone a number, which means he’s going to get my number unless I block it, then visit a website and then text him.


How many things does this dude want me to do when he’s made it very clear from the first sentence he’s going to try and sell me some kind of business opportunity offer.

The telephone number’s been put in to try and add some authenticity to a horrendously spammy email.

Although this may actually be spam, I see legitimate marketers sending this kind of email every day. There’s only one thing this is going to do. Damage your reputation.

Please don’t do it.

Your emails should be personal, entertaining and then sell something that requires readers to do one thing only. Nothing else. I’ll talk more about that in other emails.

And if you don’t have a way to send emails yet, I use Aweber. Here’s thirty days free access.



P.S. There was also no address on the bottom of the email which almost guarantees it’s spam.

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