King Tut At The Egypt Underwater Exhibition

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Yesterday I went to the Egypt Underwater exhibition at the British Museum. It was awesome, but I’ve always loved ancient Egypt.

Unusually though, there was no mention of King Tut, which when I was at school, was pretty much all anybody mentioned when they talked about ancient Egypt.

Anyhoo… in this exhibition they had all the cool things that have recently been dug up from underwater, places where they’ve found complete sunken cities. Seriously, some of the statues they’ve brought up look like they were made yesterday.

It blew my mind, looking at stuff made thousands of years ago, that could have been made yesterday.

Which got me thinking, why has this stuff been preserved so dang well?

Answer… because it was made well to begin with.

Okay, there’s also the fact it’s been under the seabed, which has reduced erosion, yada yada yada

But if it hadn’t been made well to begin with, then it still wouldn’t have lasted in near perfect condition for thousands of years. You’ve got to respect it’s creators for that.

And that’s why, you should make sure that anything you sell is of the highest quality.

Don’t just choose some random thing on Clickbank or JVZoo because everyone else is promoting it. If you have to, buy the product and make sure the quality is good, make sure the quality of the sales copy is good, check out their entire funnel and product first.

Only when you know it’s high quality, should you be promoting it.

And if you’re making your own products, make sure they’re damn good as well. Like Sarah teaches in this course.


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