Let us go bravely forwards… …fearing nothing and trusting in the lord.

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That’s what my grandfather always used to say before we left the house.

Let us go bravely forwards… …fearing nothing and trusting in the lord.

Now I’m not particularly religious, but I think this saying should be said more by internet marketers. We’re the worst for wasting our time.

Man, we buy all kinds of crap online and then it just sits in that folder. The one you’ve got on your computer where you’ve stored everything you’ve bought but barely read, let alone actually implemented.

You’re not alone. We all do it.

It’s the single biggest reason of failure for people wanting to make money online.

The excuses I’ve heard:

I haven’t had time

Something else was launched and I forgot about it

It was harder than I thought

Cummon… man the f**k up.

You can start an online business in just a couple of hours a day, possibly even less, if you plan it that way.

If something else launched and you forgot about it, you need to take a look in the mirror, slap yourself six times and swear you’ll never jump on the shiny bullet train again.

And FFS… everything worth doing is harder than we think. If it wasn’t then everybody would be doing it.

So what I’m saying is. Write down a plan of action today and do it tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you don’t do it then you can be damn sure you’ll never succeed.


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