Love Affair with a Paper Clip

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Don’t deny it, I know you love paperclips too. They’re just so damn versatile.

You can literally do anything with a paper clip.

I remember, when I was a teenager, being shown how to use a paper clip to pick a lock, hold the clutch pedal of a car together (yes we have manual clutches in the UK), connect an electrical circuit, reset numerous devices, fix the pins on an old computer plug, tie things with and, of course, hold paper together.

You can literally do anything with them.

That’s why I always have box of paper clips on my desk. They’ll always be useful.

Now I want you to cast your mind to how many internet marketing products you have on your computer.

How many have you used?

F**k that, how many have you even read or watched?

I bet it’s a fraction of the amount you have on your machine.

Hell, I know some folk who have separate hard drives for all the products they bought, and you know what… they’ve barely read any of them.

What’s the friggin point!

Forget what everyone else tells you, here’s the truth of internet marketing…

1) Choose a niche

2) Build an email list

3) Email that list every day and put a link in to a product


Can you do that?

Of course you can. You just need to start doing it.

Yeah, there’s finesse we can add in, ways to improve conversion, build lists for free etc…

But if you’re not doing the three basics, none of that stuff is gonna help you. You gotta start with the basics and move on from there.


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