Man I’m Exhausted

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Yesterday was one of those days where everything breaks. And I mean literally everything!

We found an issue on the build where the architects had designed the interior layout without considering the six inches of insulation they’d requested on every wall. Obviously, that meant nothing fit.

Everything had to be re-arranged to make it work in the smaller rooms, and it took some time.

Then I realised the email I’d sent to a blog post this morning had gone out fine, but I hadn’t pressed the Publish button on the post, so nobody could read it.

We moved our server recently and have had on-going trouble that’s only just been resolved today, it primarily affected the data feeds going out to partners and I was chasing my tail trying torun all the scripts manually whilst outside on a building site in the pouring rain, a tape measure in my mouth and my mum on video call.

The result?

By the time it got to 6pm I was meant to have done the days work and tomorrows work (I can’t work today as I’m at my dad’s inquest).

The reality?

I’d crossed one thing off my job list.

Now I know you’ve been in the same situation before, and when you get to the end of the day you have a choice to make. You can…

1) Keep on working to get everything done


2) Call it a day, close everything, and start again tomorrow

If you’re anything like me then you’ll usually go for option number one.

After all, if the work isn’t done then you won’t be progressing, you won’t be making money, and everything will get behind.

But the truth is… there’s very little that can’t wait until tomorrow.

And if you wait until tomorrow you won’t feel tired, you won’t feel like you’re only working to try and get something done, you won’t feel like you’re missing time with your family and, ultimately…

…it will take a fraction of the time and be much better quality.

My advice is, from now on,to take option two when you have days like this. Close everything down, have a relaxing evening and come back to it tomorrow.

It will still be there!


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