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Sometimes when you work online, it’s possible to forget about how important the face-to-face is.

Yes… technology is great. I’m a huge advocate of it.

But, however clever and efficient the ability to communicate with people over messenger, video conferencing and other services is… it will NEVER match a face-to-face meeting.

You simply cannot gauge somebody in the same way if they’re not in the room with you. You can’t tell whether you’re really going to like them, if you’re going to get on with them or if you’ll work well together. You lose that element of human interaction and instinct.

And somtimes, us digital folk need to be reminded of how important personal relationships are.

Today I went to a meeting which was a one hour drive each way.

What we needed to achieve took about ten minutes at most.

But in that time we learnt more about each other, we got on well, we chatted about random things, we laughed and we will be doing more business together.

Would we be doing that if the meeting hadn’t been in person?

Almost certainly not.

Never forget the power of meeting people in the flesh. Take those opportunities to go to meetups, networking events and dinners. Those are the places you’ll build the relationships that give you the business you want.



P.S. That reminds me, I haven’t been to one of Martin Avis’s London Lunch’s for a long time, and the January one was cancelled. However, if you’re a digital person, and want to get notification of the next meetup, you can join Martin’s newsletter at

It’s always a good read 😉

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