Me, me, me, me, me… I can do it!

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48 out of 100.

What the feck!

That’s the average review given by Metascore, based on 43 official reviews, of The Greatest Showman.

What the hell is wrong with critics.

The film was immense!

And that’s proven by the fact that while the average critic score is 48, the IMDB rating, the one given by 30,301 people so far, gives it 80 out of 100.

Which is more like it.

If you want to watch a feel good movie, then I strongly recommend you go to see it.

If you’ve ever been a performer, or wanted to be a performer, you’ll leave the cinema going me, me, me, me, I want to do it.

Which is what both Holly and I did.

The story is sabout P.T. Barnum and the beginning of show business as we know it today.

Is it true?

Hmmm, not really. P.T. Barnum is made out to be a kind and loving individual, in reality he was almost certain to be an unpleasant man who made money by exploiting other people.

But hey… a little bit of artistic license to make a great movie is fine.

After all, we use artistic license every day in the things we write. Doesn’t matter whether it’s sales copy, email copy, ad copy, social media posts or anything else.

We even do it when we put personal posts on social media.

After all, how often do you put a photo of yourself up when you think you look bad, or when your child is lying on the floor of the supermarket screaming at you 😉

Bottom line… if you want to see something you’ll walk out of feeling good… go see The Greatest Showman.

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