MMO Market May Not Be The Best To Place To Start!

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When the majority of people first get involved in internet marketing, they look at starting in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche. This makes sense because this is what most of the products that are available are teaching. However, this is not necessarily the best place to begin. You are likely to find it easier if you start in a different niche.

If you purchase an internet marketing info product then it is most likely to show you how to promote other internet marketing products to generate affiliate commission. It may use free traffic or paid traffic and it may show you how to create your own products or not. But, the general concept is to teach other people how to become successful in internet marketing. The problem with this is…

…you haven’t yet learned how to become a successful internet marketer yourself!

If  you haven’t learnt this skill yet yourself then how are you going to be able to teach other people how to do it.

What you’re actually doing is repeating what someone has told you works, even though you haven’t got it to work for yourself. But, until you do get it to work for yourself you have no guarantee that what your repeating is worthwhile information.

How do you solve this problem?

You start in a niche that you are already experienced in and have extensive knowledge of. It doesn’t matter what your expertise is, you will almost certainly be able to find a problem that needs a solution.

If you can find a problem that needs a solution, and the solution is something the market will pay for, then you can make money in the niche.

I first got started in the sports betting niche, specifically horse racing, completely by accident. This is something I have a lot of knowledge in and I was sharing it, when I chose to focus online and learn how to market to that niche, my business was turning over 200k within two years.

However I am sure that I would never have achieved this had I tried starting in the MMO niche. It is only after nearly six years online that I have decided to start a blog and share my knowledge of what works for us and what doesn’t.

So, todays advice is…

  1. Write down your areas of expertise
  2. Determine what problems people have in these areas that need solving
  3. Investigate whether this is something they will pay for
  4. Start building your business in this niche!

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