My day of achievement

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Yesterday was a great day. The sun was shining and I managed to get a huge amount done whilst also spending time with Max.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Because the weather was so good, Max was outside playing with Holly. His favourite toy is a push car, so while I was mowing the lawn, he was pushed alongside me getting involved.

Then I set the sprinklers up for the lawn, which gave us plenty of time to play in the sprinkler before we began to water the plants.

Max has turned out to be a great plant watering, particularly when Holly is nearby and he can try and surprise her by showering her in ice cold water 😉

Then I got the fire burning and got rid of all the garden waste.

And finally… I finished off the day after Max had gone to bed with a bit of work.

Damn, it felt good to have done so much in a day.

It’s also started off the week with a great feeling.

Try and get one day of high productivity at the beginning of the week and it will make the rest of the week go well.




How A Savvy Sex Shop Founder Sold Her Startup To A TV Titan

Ever seen a sex toy advert aired on TV in the middle of the day? Not likely.

Yet Berlin-based Amorelie, one of Europe’s largest online erotic stores, has not only advertised on German daytime TV, it has this year been bought by Nucom Group for an undisclosed amount—a group owned by one of the biggest media broadcasters in Europe, ProSiebenSat.1 Media, and the private equity firm General Atlantic.

The online retailer today stocks over 20,000 sex toys, it has seen its own pleasure products sold by partners including the biggest European drugstore DM, and has delivered to 1.5 million customers across countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium.

Moreover, after increasing its revenue from €36 million ($42 million) in 2016 by 55% to €56 million ($65 million) in 2017, its founder and CEO Lea-Sophie Cramer expects to see a double-digit rise this year as well.

Just how has Cramer pulled all this off?

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4 Reasons Why People Stop Reading Before the End of a Page

Every page you create has a purpose.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sales page, a subscription page, an about page, a blog post, or any other kind of page.

You publish it for a reason. You want something to happen.

Maybe you want someone to share the page on social media. Or you want readers to sign up for a newsletter. Or register for an event. Or click through to a sales page. Or complete a purchase.

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Steven Jobs’s Wisdom Lives On

We’ve all heard of the late Steven Jobs.

He is famous for innovation, marketing and design.

And who knows how much he was worth.

You might think Jobs was on a totally different level than you are, but we all have so much we can learn from him.

I learned an important lesson from his wisdom, and once applied to my own business, the results spoke for themselves.

This is the lesson that I learned.

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