My favourite IM traffic source

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There are tons of traffic sources out there which range in costs.

Rob goes through most of them in his Traffic Matrix course.

But my number one, absolutely favourite, for the IM niche is… Solo Ads.

Yeah I know people are saying they’re dying out. But that’s a load of balls. I know people say all you get are freebie seekers, well let me ask you…

When you join a newsletter, before you purchase, what are you?

A freebie seeker.

Just because people aren’t good enough to convert those people into customers doesn’t mean the traffic source is dying.

Solo Ads will convert the strongest for your optin page, can easily be bought at low levels while you’re split-testing your landing pages and can scale to massive proportions. You can easily buy 20,000 clicks a month if you wanted to and if you’ve done your work then you should be able to convert a minimum of 30% of those, but ideally closer to 50%, into leads.

That would instantly give you a list that’s bigger than 90% of people out there.

But you won’t make money unless you know how to convert them into customers, which is kinda what I was saying in my last email!

I’m writing a book on how to do that with insane speed and accuracy. I’ll let you know when it’s done.


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