My Ryan Reynolds Fantasy

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Last night, Holly and I were watching a movie called Mississippi Grind, primarily because Ryan Reynolds was in it. We both frickin love Ryan Reynolds.

Anyhoo… this movie is about two very lonely people. Gerry, a gambler who’s gambled his entire life away, and Curtis (Ryan Reynolds) who’s a lonely sole looking for friends.

Gerry, who’s actually an excellent poker player, goes through the entire movie losing. Not because he can’t play poker, but because he can’t stop gambling everything he wins playing poker.

Finally, they end up in a casino where they win half-a-million dollars.

To win it, Gerry gambled $250,000 on the roll of a dice. This was his epiphany. His, WTF am I doing moment.

When you see movies like that you sit there and think…

What would I do if someone just gave me half-a-million dollars. 

And this quickly escalates to a million and more.

Truth is… this almost never happens in real life. There’s a handful of people who get lucky, and the rest have worked damn hard for what they own.

I fall into that latter category. I’ve spent nearly a decade learning how to make money online.

Which is awesome for you, because you don’t have to. I’ve written it all down in one easy-to-digest manual, which will have you making money online in twenty eight days.

Assuming you take action on what I’ve put in it.


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