My Thoughts Are With You

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I have no idea if there is anybody on my mailing list who lives in Manchester in the UK, but if there are, then my thoughts are with you.

In case you’re from across the globe and the news hasn’t reached you yet, last night some fucktard blew up people coming out of an Ariana Grande concert.

This is horrendous on it’s own, but if you could make it even worse, her audience is primarily made up of teenage girls.

Currently there are 22 confirmed dead, including children, and many more injured.

It’s the worst terror attack ever in Northern England, and they’re now shutting down the main shopping center after concerns there could be another attack.

What’s gained by the people who do this?


Nothing else.

Because we’re still going to go to concerts. We’re still going to go to restaurants and we’re still going to live our lives.

Eventually… they’ll manage to unite the rest of the world against them.

And when that happens, there’ll be no forgiveness.


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