Naked Eating

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There’s a new restaurant coming to London. A restaurant where you’re not only able to bare all… you have to.


Bunyadi is a new pop-up dining experience which is being billed as the UK’s first “naked food experience”.

No shit it’s the first.

Picture this…

You rock up to the restaurant and enter the changing rooms. You remove your clothes until you’re bare ass naked and then put on a robe.

No technological devices are allowed outside of the changing rooms. In other words you can’t go snapping other peoples bits and pieces while they eat.


You strut in your robe to your dinning table where you can choose to throw that robe down, and eat your dinner stark bollock naked.

There’s no electricity, no gas, everything’s cooked on wood fires. The entire restaurant’s made from natural materials, the idea being… everything in there’s 100% natural. Including the folks eating.

So far 32,000 people have registered to bare all.

Which means, at 42 people an evening, they already have over two years of bookings and they’ve not even opened yet!

If you’re not baring all in your business then nobody’s going to really know who the hell you are. And in that case you won’t be making as many sales as possible.


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