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“Hai Michael,

Am ever grateful to you for all the wonderful emails. 

Please as a complete newbie to internet marketing, recommend simple and credible system 

that I can begin to earn money online . I want streams of income, do you know am yet to make 

my first $100 online?” – Paul

Well Paul, I absolutely can 🙂

But it comes with a proviso… you’re still going to have to do some work.

You see I’m always wary when someone emails me asking for a simple and credible system. It generally means that they’ve been lured in by a sales pages offering push-button money for zero investment and zero work.

The truth of those sales pages is… they’re an absolute crock of shite.

If you could make money with zero effort, risk or investment, then you sure as hell wouldn’t be telling other people how to do it.

Yeah, you’d probably be donating huge amounts to charity, but you wouldn’t be giving the golden goose away.

So, before I give you my thoughts on what can help you, there are a couple of things I need to clarify.

The first…

You are going to have to work!

There is simply no substitute for taking action. You’ll need to make a decision and go for it, and then do it for a meaningful amount of time.

e.g. don’t write back to me in a few days and say you tried it for 48 hours and it didn’t work.

You have to be persistent and reliable, everything I share does work, you just have to put it into action and keep working at it.

The second…

Don’t expect every ‘system’ to be perfect.

Here’s the thang, we’re all different. We all have different personalities. We all have different amounts of time available. We all have different skills.

That means when someone is showing you how to do things, don’t assume it’s going to work for you exactly the way they’re saying.


Because the person who wrote it is different to you.

What you need to do is look at the principles they’re teaching, choose the ones that suit you best, and work damn hard on becoming successful at them.

That’s how to make someone else’s ‘system’ work for you.

However much they tell you it’s out of the box, you’ve got to use your own strengths and weaknesses to make it a success for you personally.

Heck, I’ve bought products for thousands of dollars before, and been happy with just one chapter from the whole thing.


Because I know I can use that chapter to devastating affect. I don’t need anything else, I know what will work for me.

Now I’m not suggesting you go and buy a thousand dollar product and use one chapter. What I am saying, is that you must not assume that everything in the system will work for you. You should be looking for one method that works for you in terms of time, interest and ability.

Then you work hard at making money from that. When you’re making money from it, you can look for another one.

And the more times you do this, the more you’ll learn your own strengths and weaknesses, and the better you’ll become at assessing what’s going to be successful for you.

Oh yeah… and the more money you’ll make 😉

As for the systems, the two that I’m currently recommending for complete newbies are…



Both of these come with multiple ways to make money online, quickly, and with no costs. Go through all the approaches they have, and then choose one or two that suit you to implement.

And with that, I am going to be signing out for the day.



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