Nine and a half weeks of marketing

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If all goes to plan, then I’m going to be a dad in nine and a half weeks.


Okay, I’ve got the mild panic out of the way.

That means, more than ever, my businesses are going to have to be streamlined. I want to be spending as little time as possible running them.

(although I’ve heard tell they can be a good excuse to have a break from crying babies!)

The number one biggest use of time, in any online business, is creating content. It simply takes time.

Which is why it always gob smacks me when I see people who create an awesome piece of content, and only put it on the blog.


You’ve spent time making this awesome piece of content, and you’re only going to use it once. That’s simply mental.

Every piece of content you create can be used multiple times, in different ways, across different platforms.

Create one piece of content… use it ten times.

That’s my motto.

So I’ve got a challenge for you today…

I’d like you to write down every place you think you can use the same piece of content. It can be broken down or split up, but you need to come up with ten different places to use it.

Then once you’ve done that, start using it there!

And that my friend, will spread your gospel around the internet ten times faster than you were doing before, with almost zero increase in effort.



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