I went to see the Circus of Horrors not long ago, and one of the acts was called the Man Of Pain. During his act he got these electrodes and put them on his nipples. You can probably guess what happened.

And yes… it was weird. Really weird.

Anyhoo, I’m telling you about this because the marketing for the Circus Of Horrors is, well, not very much.

They basically don’t tell you anything. 

Which means you get intrigued. And then you start to think of all the weird s**t that might be in the show, then you have to go to find out if that is what’s in it.

As internet marketers it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have to tell your audience about the benefits of the product. But never underestimate the power of curiosity.

You should only ever give enough information to make your audience understand the benefit they’re gonna get, and then give ‘em a bowlful of curiosity about HOW they’re gonna do it.

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