Not even penny sweets are a penny anymore ?

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Yesterday I was sent access to MyNAMS, a new product that has just been launched.

It’s a business accelerator package that each month reduces what you need to know to accelerate your business into simple and easy-to-follow steps.

They contain:

? A short Textbook or Special Report overview of the topic
? A Workbook that guides you through the process
? A Checklist to ensure you don’t miss any steps
? A Tools & Resources guide to help you start with the right tool
? An Infographic highlighting the main points suitable for printing out and keeping close so you can always revisit the steps.

It’s just $1 for your first seven days so you can see if it’s for you.

Now I have a full disclosure… I haven’t had a chance to go through it yet, so I don’t know if it’s going to be any good.

But since the $1 offer is only available during the (pretty short) launch period, I thought I’d let you know about it.

After all, what else can you get for a single buck!

Once upon time you’d have been able to get one hundred penny sweets, but now it’s more like ten.

So I figured, if you fancy checking it out for a dollar then this is your opportunity.

If it’s not for you, then cancel before the end of the seven days and there’s basically no loss.

I shall leave it up to you to decide whether to give it a go for a dollar, and I’m going to try and go through the training this weekend.

Here’s where to go to get access for just one buck.



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